1. Bike Friendly Standard for Accommodation Facilities

The types of accommodation to which these criteria apply are family owned accommodation and family farms, family farming estate, rooms, apartments, guest houses, holiday homes, camps, motels, hotels and hostels.

BFS Criteria for Accommodation Facilities

1. Accommodation

The accommodation facility agrees to receive cyclotourists for minimum
one night

2. Bicycle Storage

1. Accommodation facility must provide a bicycle storage with hanging stands (the front wheel is hooked on the hanger on the wall, the latter being supported on the bracket or on the floor).
2. The storage must be a covered or closed lockable space.
3. The storage must offer the ability to lock the bicycle for the stand (chain and lock for locking the bike or special locking cable).
4. If the accommodation has several separate accommodation units and only one bicycle storage room, it must have video surveillance or cyclists must be able to store their bicycle in their accommodation unit (apartments, rooms, holiday houses).
5. For each bike it is necessary to provide approximately 2 m2 of space in the storage and the bikes must not touch each other when storing them.

3. Storage Equipment

The following must be available in the storage:
1. One set of bicycle repair tools: a set of imbus keys from 2 to 10, a foldable bicycle tool kit, a parrot pliers, a wrench, plastic tire removers, star or fork spanner keys from 4 to 20.
2. One bicycle repair stand
3. A kit for patching tires
4. Bicycle pump
5. Lubricant, liquid or spraying, for chain lubrication.
6. Charging units for pedelec.

4. Dressing Room

The following must be available in the storage:
At the entrance to the accommodation unit or the bicycle storage room, the owner of the accommodation is obliged to provide a place for changing and disposing of dirty clothes and cycling shoes (clothes hanger, shoe shelf).

5. Laundry Room

The owner of the accommodation must ensure the possibility of washing and drying of equipment and clothing (sports tights) within a few hours (from evening to morning). Self-service washing machine with dryer included in the price, washing and drying included in the price, and chargeable laundry service.

6. Bicycle Wash

Within the yard, cyclotourists must have a place for washing, drying and lubricating a bicycle (a water hose with a brush, a washing sponge, an auto-shampoo, a towel or paper towel for wiping, or drying and lubricating, a small broom and spatula for collecting waste, and a waste disposal container).

7. Info Corner

Accommodation facilities must have an info corner with: cycling/tourist maps, information on timetable of the public transport, contact details of the “Bike Friendly” services (service centers, agencies, accommodation, catering facilities, garages for short term parking), emergency services (emergency assistance, mountain rescue service, fire department, police) telephone numbers for taxi service, travel agencies or other specialized carriers for the transportation of cyclists, the accommodation provides information on the possibilities of accommodation in the facilities of the same quality standard at the next cyclotourist destination. Information should be in local and English language.

8. Accommodation Facility Personnel

The personnel of the accommodation facility are informed of the needs of the cyclotourist through training organized by the manager / owner of the facility. Accommodation takes over assistance when ordering parts with delivery to an address if the service is more than 20 kilometres away.