2. Bike Friendly Standard for Catering facilities

These criteria relate to catering facilities that provide drinking and food services or just drinking services. They can be part of a hotel, gas station, shopping mall or stand alone. Cyclist are particularly interested in catering facilities along the cycling trails, at the entrance to the pedestrian zone, in front of cultural and natural attractions.
These are catering facilities that are located at the cycling routes. It is a meeting place, a place to inform, refresh, charge digital cameras and pedelec batteries. This group includes restaurants, cafes, pubs, pastry shops, gas stations, shopping malls, etc. If an owner of a catering facility has accommodation, he/she may decide to apply for the standard only for the catering part of the facility and in that case he / she shall not be required to meet the conditions for accommodation.

BFS Criteria for Catering Facilities

1. Bicycle Parking

1. Bicycle parking must be in a well-visibly located place at the entrance to the facility, in a position where the bicycle cannot be damaged by other vehicles.
2. Bicycle stands must have space for at least 5 bicycles and at the height of the bicycle frame so that the bicycle is secured to the frame (60-100 cm).
3. At the parking lot, it is desirable to have at least.

2. Energy Drink and Food Service

Catering facilities provide energy drinks and food services, as well as the possibility of a convenient packaging so to provide that these foods and drinks can be taken for later use.

3. Entering the Facility

Catering facilities allow cyclotourists to enter the facility in sportswear and cycling footwear.

4. Use of Electricity in the Facility

Catering facilities allow free charging of battery packs of mobile telephones, GPS and other devices (small boxes with plugs that are locked). Enables the use of electricity inside the facility for battery charging if this is not provided in front of the object.

5. Info Corner

Catering facilities must have an info corner with cycling/tourist maps, information on timetable of the public transport, contact details of the “Bike Friendly” services (service centres, agencies, accommodation, catering facilities, garages for short term parking), emergency services (emergency assistance, mountain rescue service, fire department, police). Information should be in local and English language.

6. Catering Facility Personnel

The personnel of the catering facility are informed about the needs of cyclotourist through training organized by the manager / owner of the facility.

7. Equipment

The catering facility must have the following cycling equipment which cyclotourists can use for free: 1. Small tool set, 2. First aid kit, 3. Pneumatic pump, 4. Patching kit.