4. Bike Friendly Standard for Service Stations

within bicycle shops and shopping malls, auto services, agricultural mechanization services. This all-in-one places offers service of bicycles, offer the most basic equipment and bicycle parts, provide bicycle transport as well as providing the opportunity to buy new bikes, rent a bicycle in its own facility or through a partner.

BFS Criteria for Service Stations

1. Bicycle Service

The service station is responsible for servicing the bicycle, a basic service that includes change of brake linings; change of cable; adjustment of gearboxes, steering, seats; patching pneumatics, replacing tires; centering wheels.

2. Equipment

A service station must have the following available:
1. One set of bicycle repair tools: a set of imbus keys from 2 to 10, a foldable bicycle tool kit, a parrot pliers, a wrench, plastic tire removers, star or fork spanner keys from 4 to 20.
2. One bicycle repair stand
3. A kit for patching tires
4. Bicycle pump
5. Lubricant, liquid or spraying, for chain lubrication.
6. Charging units for pedelec.

3. Spare Parts

A service station must always have spare parts:
1. A complete set of brake linings for the disks of different manufacturers;
2. 3 sets of brake pads from different manufacturers;
3. 6 cables (3 pcs for transmission, 3 pcs for brakes);
4. Tires for each type of bike – one pair of each vehicle size (for road 700×23-28, for trekking 700×28-35, for MTB 26,25,5 and 29).

4. Info Corner

A service station must have an info corner with cycling/tourist maps, information on timetable of the public transport, contact details of the “Bike Friendly” services (service centres, agencies, accommodation, catering facilities, garages for short term parking), emergency services (emergency assistance, mountain rescue service, fire department, police), contact number for taxi service, tourism agency or other specialized transportation services. Information should be in local and English language.

5. Promotion and Marketing

A service station must have its own web site or profile on social networks.
Price list (in local and English language) of services offered published on the web site or on the social network profile.

6. Other Services

A service station has obligation of
1. Ordering bicycle parts
2. Possibility of purchasing bicycle on order
3. Possibility of bicycling equipment purchase
4. Possibility of buying a used bicycle
5. Possibility of renting bicycles and offering a replacement bicycle during defect removal (charged)
6. Obligatory organization of bicycle transport to its service station in case of failure (extraordinary repairs), (cooperation with “Bike Friendly” agency with charge)
7. Possibility of organizing bicycle transport to its service station in case of regular maintenance
8. Possibility of emergency bicycle damage removal on the field.