3. Bike Friendly Standard for Travel Agencies

``Bike Friendly`` travel agencies are travel agencies offering services for cycotourism. With their mediation, the cyclotourist can book ``Bike Friendly`` accommodation, rent a bike and equipment, transport bicycles and equipment to another destination, arrange excursions, tourism package, service bicycles, get information...
The Bike Friendly agency “solves all problems” related with cyclotourism.

BFS Criteria for Travel Agencies

1. Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking must be in a well-visibly located place at the entrance to the agency, in a position where the bicycle cannot be damaged by other vehicles. Bicycle stands must have place for at least 2 bicycle and can be fixed or mobile, horizontal or vertical.

2. Services

An agency must have:
1. At least one experienced cyclotourist guide or companion who must be a member of the bicycle club
2. Possibility for transport of cyclotourist and bicycles, at least 2 bicycle carriers or a trailer.

3. Equipment

At least two bicycle carriers, which can be rented to rent a car and taxi services. It must have the following cycling equipment that cyclotourists can use for free:
1. Small tool set,
2. First aid kit,
3. Pneumatic pump,
4. Patching kit.

4. Info Corner

Agencies must have an info corner with cycling / tourist maps, information on timetable of the public transport, contact details of the “Bike Friendly” services (service centres, agencies, accommodation, catering facilities, garages for short term parking), emergency services (emergency assistance, mountain rescue service, fire department, police), contact number for taxi service, tourism agency or other specialized transportation services. Information should be in local and English language.

5. Promotion and Marketing

Agencies must have website. Price list of services offered on the website. The price list must be in local and English language.