What is Bike Friendy Standard?

Bike Friendly is a commonly known synonym for bicycle-friendly services. Facilities marked with Bike Friendly are objects/services/attractions, etc., which meet minimum standards adapted to cyclotourists and their needs, i.e. subjects recognized by their efforts to create a comfortable environment for cyclotourists.

It is intended for various categories of facilities/services/attractions that want to adapt more their services to the needs of this specific type of tourists. Depending on the types of facilities/services/attractions and their sizes, the Bike Friendly Standard (BFS) gives theopportunity to all interested parties to join this process and create more favourable conditions in the region for the development of this specific segment of tourism offer and to promote their services and gain financial gain.

The standard itself and criteria within each category of the standard are defined on the basis of current practical knowledge and experience from the EU countries where this standard is applied and in use and complies with the specific requirements of this category of tourists.

Bike Friendy Standard

objects/services which meet minimum standards adapted to cyclotourists...

BFS for Accommodation

family farms, rooms, apartments, guest houses, holiday homes, camps...

BFS for Catering facilities

These are catering facilities that are located at the cycling routes...

BFS for Travel Agencies

travel agencies that offering services and informations for cycotourism...

BFS for Service Stations

all-in-one places offers service of bicycles and the most basic equipment...

BFS for Garages and Parking Lots

well-marked, supervised parking spaces where you can safely park a bicycle...

Definition of cyclotourism and main target groups

Cyclotourism can be defined as a tourism of special interest, where the bicycle is used as the main means of transport to the destination or is recreationally used during the stay of the tourist in the destination.
Cyclotourism is a form of tourist activity with the greatest prospect of development, with expected growth in the coming period, and one of the links of the Western Balkan countries. Cyclotourists are very good consumers and are visiting and number of destinations over a longer stay.

The concept of cyclotourism is best explained by the following definition: In cyclotourism a bicycle is a means of transportation for the destination experience.