FIVE RIVERS is functional and modernly equipped facility. It is consisted of five units in the downtown of Mostar. Each unit has been named and stylized by one of the five Herzegovina rivers.

Special charm present backyard and terrace surrounded by our apartments, which provide intimate atmosphere in the heart of Mostar.

Facility is equipped with modern kitchen with all necessary appliances

We are respecting the highest ecological standards, and as a result, we are first ECO FRIEND object in   B-H.

We have installed Nobel filter for purification of water, which ensure removal of water turbidity, chlorine, viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

Visitors use water without necessity to purchase water in local shops (during a city tour, at the object).

Thus, facility is equipped of softening water appliance (Nobel), which protect installations and it is more eco-friendly than regular units.

Eco Friend savings valves has been installed, which has as output significant saving component for all sorts of energy and emission of CO2.

Related to waste management, we have installed a garbage can with separation of waste.

Overall, we are providing premium comfort for visitors, at the same time investing maximum efforts for environment protection.

We have certified as a BIKE FRIENDLY object.

Five Rivers prefers renting a whole object per night

Capacity: 13+2 persons.

We do not offer meals and parking