Vjetrenica cave is a tourist attraction located in Ravno municipality in Zavala. It is one of the biggest cave system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explored in the lenght of 7.323,90m, 700m of the cave is opened for tourists. Famous in terms of biodiversity and rich in beautiful cave decorations. There is on  the preliminary list of UNESCO world heritage. In the summer days, the strong wind blowing out of the entrance.

It is situated nearby former narrow gauge railway  „ĆIRO“, today has been reconstructed into bicycle path. Near the cave there are Biospeleological museum and Info center Vjetrenica.

 Working hours:

June 1st-August 31st: 09 AM do 19 PM

April 1st- May 31st: 09 AM do 16 PM

September 1st-September 30 st: 09 AM do 18PM

October 1st st-March 31st: 9 AM-14 PM