The tourist centar „MOST“ is located in the docile Ljubuski valley overlooked by the Herceg Stjepan citadel, next to the wild and clear river and along the Medugorje-Ljubuski-Ploce provincial road.From 1935 to 1958 it was a small shop and an artisan shop. From July 1958 the restaurant changes its name to NARODNA GOSTIONA “LJUBUŠA”.It is named after the mountain Ljubuša, one of the massifs of the moutain Vran near Tomislavgrad, where our grandfathers grazed and guarded their flocks in the summer monts and produce the highest quality milk and cheese.

During these 50 years of activity, made up of crisis and well-being, we have managed, thanks to God and hard work, to create a modern structure that groups a national restaurant with the cafeteria department, a summer terrace, two tennis courts with well equipped and modernly equipped bedrooms. Within the center is the tavern „OLD STORIES“  reminiscent of some old time