The municipality of Posušje is also rich in natural resources for the development of various forms of tourism, of which the Blidinje Nature Park stands out.

The area of the Blidinje Nature Park was first mentioned in written documents in 1408 in the charter of The Bosnian King Ostoje, although the area was inhabited even before the first written traces. Blidinje Nature Park is located on the territory of the municipalities of Posušje, Tomislavgrad and Jablanica and West Herzegovina, Herceg-Bosanska and Herzegovina-Neretva Counties respectively. Mountain ranges Čvrsnica (Pločno 2 228 m) and Vran (Veliki Vran 2 074 m) and Lake Blidinje and fields make up the most prominent parts of this area. Blidinje area is a unique natural phenomen of beautiful landscapes inhabited by many endemic species of plant and animal life, the most famous of which is the pine „Munika“. Lake Blidinj, with an area of 6 km2, is located at an altitude of 1 184 m above sea level. Blidinje Nature Park is perceived by everyone as a winter destination, a place where they can ski recreationally, snowbord, sledge, ride scooters, etc. Within the park there is a large ski complex center Blidinje ski and Nature park consisting of a four-seater cable car (Doppelmeyer, capacity 1942 people/h) and ski lifts and more ski slopes, from those for beginners to those for top skiers to snowborders, and there is a toboggan run for the youngest ones. There are several restaurants, motels and boarding houses within the park. Also, there are bicycle and hiking path.

For all those looking for fun and adrenaline in the area of Blidinje nature park there are several trails for lovers of Off Road Rally rides.