Posušje is a town and municipality in the West Herzegovina Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which occupies an area of 461 km² ( 461 km²). According to the last census in 2013, there are 20,477 inhabitants, of whom 99.74% are Croats and only 0.26% remain, which means that Posušje, along with Grude, is the municipality with the highest percentage of Croats of all the areas where Croats live in BiH. Posušje is 29 km from Siroki Brijeg, 54 km from Mostar, 10 km from Imotski, and 71 km from Makarska. Posušje area includes four stepped karst plateaus (Posuško and Virsko polje, Tribistovo, Rakitski biser and mountainous area around Lake Blidinje) and is located at the intersection of roads: Mostar – Imotski – Split, Mostar – Tomislavgrad – Livno and Ploče – Ljubuški – Grude – Rama – Uskoplje – Travnik ( „Put spasa“ under construction). It is located southwest of Radovanj hill.

The municipality of Posušje is also rich in natural resources for the development of various forms of tourism, of which the Blidinje Nature Park stands out. The proximity of larger tourist markets such as Medjugorje and Dalmatia has enabled the development of skiing, hiking and excursion tourism

Natural resources in the municipality of Posušje are:


  • Blidinje Nature Park

The area of the Blidinje Nature Park was first mentioned in written documents in 1408 in the charter of The Bosnian King Ostoje, although the area was inhabited even before the first written traces. Blidinje Nature Park is located on the territory of the municipalities of Posušje, Tomislavgrad and Jablanica and West Herzegovina, Herceg-Bosanska and Herzegovina-Neretva Counties respectively. Mountain ranges Čvrsnica (Pločno 2 228 m) and Vran (Veliki Vran 2 074 m) and Lake Blidinje and fields make up the most prominent parts of this area. Blidinje area is a unique natural phenomen of beautiful landscapes inhabited by many endemic species of plant and animal life, the most famous of which is the pine „Munika“. Lake Blidinj, with an area of 6 km2, is located at an altitude of 1 184 m above sea level. Blidinje Nature Park is perceived by everyone as a winter destination, a place where they can ski recreationally, snowbord, sledge, ride scooters, etc. Within the park there is a large ski complex center Blidinje ski and Nature park consisting of a four-seater cable car (Doppelmeyer, capacity 1942 people/h) and ski lifts and more ski slopes, from those for beginners to those for top skiers to snowborders, and there is a toboggan run for the youngest ones. There are several restaurants, motels and boarding houses within the park. Also, there are bicycle and hiking path.

For all those looking for fun and adrenaline in the area of Blidinje nature park there are several trails for lovers of Off Road Rally rides.

The Croatian Mountaineering Association Pločno operates on the territory of the municipality of Posušje. The mountains of Posuška are ideal for anyone who thinks to hike, especially the mountain Čvrsnica, which delights anyone who sets out to hike on it with its geological forms. Many mountaineering associations, of which there have recently been many from both BiH and Croatia, Slovenia and other countries, are increasingly choosing this area as a mountaineering route.



Ričina – Sharpness 9.50

Podzavelim – Zavelim 7,00

Posušje (church) – Radovanj – Snižnica – Tribistovo 11.00

Greasy Port – Plate 11.00

Masna Luka – Lokve – Vilinac 14.50

Risovac – V. Vilnac 12.00

Only – Pločno 8.50

Blidinje Lake – Jelinak – Pločno – V.Vilinac – Jezerce – Risovac 25.00

Kedjera – V.Vran 5.50

Blidinje Lake – Pećina – M.Tomic – Hajdučki Grob – V.Vran 11.00

Rakitno – Troughs – Basil – White Rocks 16.00

A TOTAL of 131.00isu too demanding.

  • Golf

Golf in Herzegovina is one of the youngest sports. Apart from a few individuals, in love with their hobby, few have had the opportunity in recent years to try this game. Today, the situation is completely different: at the end of 2006, the Posušje Golf Club was founded – the second in BiH, and the only one in Herzegovina. Visitors from all over the world are more than happy with the playground.

  • Culture

There are currently 5 national monuments in the Park area, proclaimed by the Commission/ Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

National monuments are:

  • tombquis necropolises at Risovac
  • Dugo polje
  • Ponor
  • Barzonja
  • Donje Bare
  • Tribistovo lake

Tribistovo Lake was created as a reservoir of drinking water for the needs of Posušje. It was made in 1989. It is located on the way to the ski resort of Blidinje and Blidinje lake, and between Posušje and Rakitna. Its length is about 500 meters, about 300 meters wide, while the maximum depth is about 15 meters at the deepest parts.

  • Festival klapske pjesme

The first international Klapa Song Festival in Herzegovina was held in Posušje in 2014.  This will be a new recognizable symbol of Posušje in the future, an important cultural event that is certainly refreshing as far as new cultural facilities are concerned, and in this way there will be a promotion of the tourist potentials of Posušje, the County of West Herzegovina and Herzegovina with the arrival of tourists at the festival itself.

Nacionalni spomenici su:

  • nekropole stećaka na lokalitetima Risovac
  • Dugo polje
  • Ponor
  • Barzonja
  • Donje Bare
  • jezero Tribistovo

Tribistovo jezero je nastalo kao akumulacija pitke vode za potrebe Posušja. Napravljeno je 1989. godine. Nalazi se na putu za skijalište Blidinje i Blidinje jezero, a između Posušja i Rakitna. Dužina mu je oko 500 metara, širina oko 300 metara, dok je najveća dubina oko 15 metara na najdubljim dijelovima.

  • Festival klapske pisme

Od ove godine (2014.) u Posušju 8. i 9. održan je prvi međunarodni Festival klapske pjesme u Hercegovini, koji će postati tradicionalan. Ovo će u budućnosti biti novi prepoznatljivi simbol Posušja, jedan važan kulturni događaj koji je svakako osvježenje što se tiče novih kulturnih sadržaja, a na ovaj način će se vršiti promocija turističkih potencijala Posušja, Županije Zapadnohercegovačke i Hercegovine dolaskom turista na sam festival.