The restaurant ‘Ognjište’ is one of the symbols of the beautiful City of Trebinje, famous for its rich and diverse selection of dishes and drinks, as well as its warm and hospitable welcome to every guest. Recently redesigned, this gourmet haven is a pleasant place for family and friendly gatherings, as well as for business meetings and all kinds of social gatherings and celebrations. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, ‘Ognjište’ is located near the city center, next to the crossroad of Herceg Novi and Dubrovnik. In front of the restaurant, which covers an area of about 600 square meters and includes dining halls and two large terraces, there is a spacious and well-maintained parking lot. In the culinary offerings, among many dishes, lamb on a spit and veal prepared under the bell stand out and people from Herzegovina are unrivaled in its preparation. For lovers of fine wine, there are wines from famous and internationally acclaimed Trebinje wineries, as well as homemade brandies, non-alcoholic, and other beverages. A stay at ‘Ognjište’ will be pleasant and unforgettable for all guests thanks to the hospitality and service of the selected staff who will confirm the hospitality of the tourist-attractive Trebinje and people from Herzegovina.