The restaurant is located 10 km from the administrative headquarters of the municipality of Han Pijesak (approximately halfway between Han Pijesak and Vlasenica) on the main road (M19). The restaurant is built at 1,210 meters above sea level in an area believed to have the highest air current speeds. Restaurant Pogled has long been recognized as a place with excellent service, food prepared in a traditional way and a wide range of drinks. For the traditional preparation of food, only local products are used, which are procured from the surrounding small producers, which confirms the importance of connecting agriculture and tourism. The guests’ interest in staying longer in our area gave the host the idea to offer accommodation facilities in addition to food and beverage services. The restaurant has seven comfortable rooms with bathrooms, comfortable furniture, heating, TV, Internet access and balconies with a view of the nearby meadows. After (or before) enjoying local food and drink, visitors can enjoy various outdoor activities. Walking along conifer paths, collecting medicinal plants, viewing from the observation deck, riding bicycles ( 7 bicycles for rent, the facility also has a bike friendly certificate) are just some of the contents that complete the guests’ stay. There is an open-air gym in the nearby forest, and there are benches for resting.

As part of the Vidovdan festivities, Pogled restaurant, in cooperation with the local Youth and Sports Center of the same name (Public Institution Pogled Han Pijesak Youth and Sports Center), Han Pijesak Municipal Administration, Sveti Pantelejmon Cultural and Art Society, Branko Čučak National Library and Photo Club Viktor, organizes the Art Colony, which, along with the creation of art pieces, exchange of experiences and socializing, contributes to strengthening the identity of our area as a recognizable micro-destination in the future. The added value of such events is the connection of rural and event tourism. The key products of the restaurant “Pogled” are: Pješačka šnicla, uštipci sa kajmakom, dimljena koljenica u kupusu. In addition to food and drinks, the service also includes accommodation facilities.