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Deep respect to nature and heritage are benchmarks of the Cadmos Village adventure park. It is the reason why we looked deeply into the past when creating its name. The highest peak of Dubrovnik-Neretva county, Mount Snježnica (1234 m), located just opposite the village, once held a Latin name Mons Cadmeus. The name also relates to an interesting love story from a Greek mythology between god Cadmos and beautiful goddess Harmony Their love was so strong that Harmony, when gods turned Cadmos into a serpent, begged gods to do the same for her so they turned her into a serpent as well. Those were the motifs and an inspiration for the name of our adventure park.

Cadmos Village is situated in picturesque Konavle region near the village of Komaji, hidden in unique oak woods. Set yourself for an unforgettable adventure and an experience which will excite all of your senses. Here you can find a beautiful tree terrace, 7 meters high, which provides stunning views of the Konavle valley.

You can also find our family owned restaurant with homemade specialties and excellent wines. We truly pride ourselves in respecting the heritage, which is evident from a beautifully preserved stone cross (dated between 12th and 15th century) located in the middle of the park, which was used for blessing the fields and field workers. It once again shows the importance of the valley giving life and precious food to entire region, the food we still enjoy here today. Cadmos Village adventure park features three levels and 4 zip-lines, fields for archery and paintball, giant swing, bicycle service and a first treehouse in Croatia.

Our activities are suitable for families and children, as well as for mere adventure seekers.Founders of Cadmos Village are active members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, so Cadmos Village also acts as a branch of CMRS for Konavle with all necessary technical rescuing equipment in case of an accident in Konavle region.It is no wonder then that our company organizes all activities and excursions according to highest standards of safety. The best professional equipment is provided and all the equipment is regularly checked and serviced because safety is our priority. Book at least one day before.


Our respect to nature has raged us to use all the renewable energy sources and promote the importance and advantages of using them. We are very proud to say that the entire Cadmos Village (including restaurant and treehouse) relies on 12 solar panels and an individual system for the electric power from solar energy. Along with the individual photovoltaic system, we have also built a windmill with two panels capable of charging different electronic devices. We are completely dedicated to contributing the sustainable tourism and developing a green tourism brand.