After war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in year 1996 Tourist board of Municipality Capljina was founded, which was renamed to Tourist organization of municipality Capljina in year 2003, and after in year 2008 to  today Tourist organization Capljinka.

Tourist organization Capljinka was founded mainly to develop an awareness about significance of cultural and historical monuments and nature resources in the area of Capljina and promote all tourist potentials.

Business association is:

-Promoting different types of tourism (rural,  adventure, sightseeing, cycling, cultural, health, sport and recreation, hunting and fishing,… );

-Making proposals to competent authorities in Municipality of Capljina in order to enhance the tourism development in  Capljina;

-Informing citizens and guests about tourist potentials of our municipality and other relevant elements (transport tourist lines – airplane, shipping, bus) and mediation in the sale of airplane and shipping tickets and some different sigtseeing tours;

-Publishing (postcards, brochures, catalogs, guides, films, souvenirs and calendars);

-Presentation of tourist offer at tourism fairs;

-Organizing  study and educational travel;

-Representing the cultural heritage;

-Organizing  theatar plays and art exhibitions;

-Maintaining and preservation of cultural and historic monuments and natural resources;

-Organizing different types of events.

Seat of the Tourist organization Capljinka is in Mate Bobana street in Capljina. The highest governing body is the Assembly of association, which consists of 11 members. President of association is Ivan Raguz.


Working hours: Monday-Friday  07-15h