Canoe Safari is a tourist attraction organized by the Association “Tajna Prirode” (Secret of Nature) based in Capljina and is the only one that provides this type of service in this area. Many years of experience in working with tourists guarantees service at the highest level, and most of all the safety of our guests. The river Trebižat is a very beautiful karst river in the Adriatic basin, with a total length of 51 km of perfectly clean and warm water, beautiful canyons and magical waterfalls, also known as the longest submerged river in this part of Europe. At the beginning of the excursion route, the river is quiet and peaceful, and later, as it approaches the mouth, it becomes faster and more exciting. The water temperature in the summer months is around 20C, making it excellent even for those sensitive to temperature differences. The age limit for participants is almost non-existent, so this type of trip is great for those in full force of adrenaline, as well as those who want complete relaxation and identification with nature. During the trip you will see many fish and birds of different species as well as beautiful travertine waterfalls, and the perfect harmony of the river and the untouched nature that surrounds it. The excursion route starts in Struga near Čapljina, from where we transport you to the starting point of the excursion, which is also located on the Ćiro bike trail.