For more than a century, our family has been engaged in growing vines and processing grapes, and this hundred-year family tradition, with all the dedication and commitment, is deeply embedded in the foundations of the modern Anđelić winery.

Even today, only family members participate in the creation of our wines. They achieve high quality with their constant training and, above all, love, which is evidenced by numerous awards, as well as numerous satisfied customers.

In the Anđelić wine cellar, wines are made from autochthonous Herzegovinian varieties, as well as international ones. At the moment we have six types: ”Žilavka Anđelić”, ”Vranac Anđelić”, ”Lira”, ”Žirado”, ”Tribun” and ”Mičevac barrique”.

The production capacity of the Anđelić wine cellar is 150,000 liters of wine per year. The winery is located in a newly built building specially designed for this activity.

The offer includes organization of individual wine tastings and a presentation of production technology.

The Anđelić wine cellar is located at the exit from Trebinje in the direction of Nikšić, on the bank of the river Trebišnjica. This special experience completes a wonderful view of the remains of the medieval town of Mičevac, Herzegovinian monastery ”Gračanica”, mountain Leotar as well as the Trebišnjica river itself and its surroundings.